Why a Root Canal Isn’t As Scary As You Think!

As a child, I remember my mom complaining incessantly about her root canal pain (and she has had 4!). From that moment on, I have been so afraid of ever getting a root canal. And it’s true – a root canal is painful. But is it the infection or the procedure that is at the root of this pain? Read more to find out! 

Patient Connect explains the main reason people grumble and gripe about root canals isn’t actually the procedure itself, but rather the infection that follows the procedure. 

Generally speaking, a root canal is caused by an infection of a tooth’s nerve tissue or pulp (ouch!). 

From the beginning, when our teeth grow in as babies, they are vulnerable to infection and decay (hence the importance of teeth brushing and flossing). 

When infection and decay get really severe, a root canal is often the result. Citrus Endodontics describes the importance of root canals (I know…crazy!). The process of a root canal protects the natural tooth from extraction – essentially, the process removes an infected tooth’s inflamed and infected pulp, and fills the canal with a safe and durable material. 

The Good News 

In just the past decade, root canal therapy has advanced leaps and bounds. Your days of worry are over! Take a look at this list provided by Patient Connect

  1. Electric drills spin faster and vibrate less – in other words, no more whirring, heat-miser drills. 
  2. A more comprehensive array of anesthesia is available. 
  3. Digital X-rays and 3-D imaging – this advanced technology allows your dentist to more accurately diagnose root canal cases. 
  4. Microscopic cameras – these cameras allow a play-by-play of the procedure and allow for greater examination of the inside of the tooth. 
  5. Laser technology – lasers reduce treatment time and help ensure a faster recovery.
  6. Less time in the chair – generally, the time for this procedure has been whittled down to an hour or two. 

The next time you are in need of a root canal, look no further than the professional and friendly staff at Revitalizing Smiles, where they are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care with the goal of their patients leaving happy and more than satisfied with the outcome of their appointment.

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