Whitened Teeth Will Only Sparkle for a Limited Time

Nothing impresses quite like a sparkling white smile. Once only celebrities and people with very good genes had perfect, white teeth. These days, thanks to a variety of safe teeth whitening methods, anyone can have a drop-dead gorgeous smile.

Teeth whitening methods have come a long way in recent years and include whitening gel strips, whitening gel in mouth trays and in-office bleaching by a dentist. Bleaching in a dental office generally involves a professional whitening product and the application of heat in the form of a high-intensity light or laser.

Once your teeth are whitened and all you want to do is grin, what is the teeth whitening timeframe? How long will your new smile last? This largely depends on the whitening process that you use, although other factors come into play as well.

With gel strips and gel trays, your teeth whitening will last for about four months before starting to fade. Then you will need to use more gel strips or more gel trays.

The teeth whitening fairfield connecticut method with the longest lasting result is performed in the dentist’s office. This is also the fastest way to achieve the whitening effect that most people desire. The result of an in-office whitening is often startling, but even this professional whitening process is not permanent and will fade over time. You will eventually need to make another trip to the dentist to keep your smile gleaming white.

No matter what whitening method is used to create your new smile, the length of your teeth whitening timeframe will also depend on your lifestyle choices. Certain habits, including cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing, can cause your new whitening to fade quickly. Some foods such as coffee and red wine hasten the fading of whitened teeth. Medications may also contribute to your teeth returning to their original shade faster than you would like.

Everyone wants white teeth, but newly whitened teeth will only sparkle for a limited time. No whitening process whitens teeth permanently. Your new smile will eventually start to return to its original color, and you will need to re-whiten your teeth. Only with continued teeth whitening fairfield connecticut will your teeth continue to dazzle.

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