What you never knew about Electronic Toothbrushes

So you’ve seen the high tech electric toothbrush display set up at your dentist’s office and you’ve thought to yourself, “Is and electric toothbrush really better than a manual toothbrush?”. According to an independent study done in 2005 electric toothbrushes that work using “oscillating -rotating” power are more effective, short and long term, at removing plaque and reducing gingivitis than a manual toothbrush.
There are other reasons to use an electric toothbrush as well. Electric toothbrushes are designed to make toothbrushing easier. When using an electric toothbrush you just need to guide the toothbrush along your teeth and the brush does the rest of the work. Depending on what type of electric toothbrush you choose to purchase an electric toothbrush can do something as simple as be a timer to ensure you are brushing for 2 minutes or something as high tech as let you know you are applying too much pressure when you are brushing!
Power toothbrushes have a very wide range of prices for people who aren’t sure they want to make a large investment on their power toothbrush. An electric toothbrush can be priced as little as 30 dollars to as much as 250 dollars.

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