What you need to know about veneers, crowns and orthodontics

Veneers have become very popular in dentistry due to the fact that many patients are looking to improve their smile. Not everyone wants the perfect pearly white teeth, but for those who do, there are several options available. Depending on your situation, veneers, crowns, orthodontics or a combination of these procedures may be indicated.

The first step in determining what’s best for you is to evaluate if the size, color and shape of your teeth is appropriate for your face and smile. Another very important factor that needs to be evaluated is the position of the teeth. Position becomes one of the most critical determinants of the treatment modality for the patient. If teeth are in a good position with a stable bite, veneers or crowns can be used to enhance esthetics and restore function. If teeth are structurally sound, have no restorations and are misaligned, orthodontics with whitening procedures and minor reshaping may be enough. In most cases, a combination of different procedure needs to take place. Teeth are aligned first by using invisalign or conventional orthodontics.

Communication is important so that orthodontist knows exactly what type of restoration the patient will be getting. After teeth are aligned, veneers and crowns can be made and will have a good prognosis.

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