Top 6 Dental Hygiene Tips You Must Follow

Top 6 Dental Hygiene Tips You Must Follow

Say cheese”. Who doesn’t want to look good while smiling but it won’t be possible without a healthy dental hygiene. However, having a perfect smile is not the only motivation to take care of oral hygiene. Because there are bacteria that can badly affect your teeth over time in the form of cavities, gum disease, and others. So, to help you smile, laugh, eat, and drink freely, here’re some helpful dental hygiene tips you must follow.

1. Brush Your Mouth Properly

This is obvious but many people still overlook this simple but vastly important habit. Some people brush their teeth but don’t pay much attention to mouth in general.

To start, remember to brush both inner and outer surface of teeth with back-and-forth and up-and-down motion. Another common mistake while brushing is that people try go too hard on teeth which results in bleeding gums. Always brush lightly to avoid that.

When you are done with teeth, brush the roof of your mouth and the surface of your tongue. Keep your hands light on those too.

Incorporating the habit of cleaning the whole mouth is beneficial because not only it keeps your teeth and gums healthy, it prevents bad breath and many other mouth diseases.

2. Floss Regularly

The number of people who floss is comparatively lower those who brush teeth. However, you should not take flossing lightly just because you have brushed your teeth. Because flossing helps you remove food residue and other substances that are between the teeth. These are the tiny, small spaces a brush can’t clean and that’s why flossing is recommended.

3. Limit (or More Preferably, Stop) The Intake of Sodas and Alcohol

Other than being bad for your health, sodas are also popular for their part in tooth decay and gum disease in patients. Yes, you love these sodas and other beverages, but you have to limit or stop taking them for the sake of your teeth and your health. If you really want to take a drink, choose fresh juices and milk.

4. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is notorious for causing oral cancer and lung cancer, but still a wide population of the world is still hooked to it. Although the above ill effects of smoking are enough for you to stop or stay away from smoking, they are not it.

Regular smoking leads to enormous oral and dental problems like bad breath, increased risk of plaque, discoloration of teeth, increased risk of getting white patches in mouth called leukoplakia, and increased risk of gum disease. Furthermore, frequent smoking is also linked with decreased success rate of dental implanting.

5. Increase The Intake of Calcium and Vitamin-Rich Food

When you are cleaning teeth correctly and staying away from harmful things and habits, it’s time to consume healthy food for your teeth (and for your health).

We talked about taking milk and fresh juices, they are gold for your teeth – consume them frequently. Also, increase the intake of other dairy products. Moreover, take food that contains vitamin D and vitamin B complex as they are important for gum strength.

6. Visit Dentist Regularly

It goes without saying but let us state that again to aware people of the importance of regularly visiting a dentist for healthy teeth.

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