Tips On Brushing Teeth With Braces

Tips On Brushing Teeth With Braces

The struggles a person with braces go through while brushing his/her teeth are immense. While brushing for some can be painful and extreme, keep in mind that there is a technique you need to follow when brushing. These techniques help you in accomplishing your goal of cleanliness and having a perfect smile by the time the braces are gone!

1. Rinse

Before starting to brush, you must rinse your mouth properly so that if any pieces of food or debris are stuck in your teeth or braces can be washed out. So rinse properly and carefully. If the stuck food comes out, then well and good but if they don’t then you have some work to do for the night!

2. Wash Your Brush

Make sure to wash your brush with warm water before using it. Once you wash it, the bristles off the brush become gentle hence allowing you to brush without hurting yourself.

3. Make An Angle

Hold your toothbrush to an angle while brushing your braces and teeth. Try holding it at 45 degrees. Now slowly brush the upper visible region, then the lower, the top of the braces and then move on to brushing the back of your teeth. The easiest will be to manage the back of the teeth because it contains no braces!

4. Flossing

After you’re done with brushing, then start flossing your teeth carefully with the help of a floss thread. Let the thread go through your tooth, adjust it in your hands and pull back and forth calmly and slowly. Then let go from one side and let the thread come to you. Repeat this procedure with all your teeth. Yes, it takes time and can get very tiresome but remember your smile will be worth it in the end so keep on going no matter how hard it is.

5. Brush/Floss Slowly

Many of you are always in a hurry or simply like to brush their teeth faster so that they can get on with their day. If you’re wearing braces, then this can result in damaging your tooth or braces. So go slowly and easily till they are clean and don’t hurt as much.

6. Rinse

After you are done with your floss then rinse your mouth again. Properly let your mouth be rinsed in water so that if any residue is left behind can come out and give you a set of fresh, clean and beautiful teeth.

7. Mouthwash

You can use mouthwash too but avoid using the whitening ones because once the braces are removed, chances are you’ll get an uneven color for your teeth. But brushing and flossing carefully shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Final Verdict

Hence so while you have a coating of braces on your teeth, you need to be careful about your snacks, food, dinners etc. make sure you take each in small quantity and avoid sugary foods in general. The cleaning of braces and teeth will take time but it is working on giving you your perfect smile so work now and get a fruit afterwards!

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