The holidays are here – smile for the photo!

Dressing for the holidays is never easy. Putting a smile on your face may even be more difficult when you have sick, missing or misaligned teeth. Sometimes we let our teeth go for a very long time until there is a special occasion and we realize we are in big trouble. The color, the shape of our teeth, the gaps in our teeth and many times our bad breath says it all.

Even eating in a crowd at a party may be embarrassing or impossible. Are you the somebody who eats before the party? Do you have to eat fish or grind your food? Do you cook for everyone else and then does not eat at all? Or do you wait until the party is over and eat oatmeal alone. Eating is a normal function as long as you have your teeth and they are in good shape and in the correct position.

Sometimes no matter how hard an individual has cared for their teeth, genetics or disease takes over. It robs them of the once beautiful smile or the ability to eat and function in a normal manner. Sometimes a patient is even too embarrassed to share the horror of it all with a dentist.

Millions of Americans do not have any teeth and millions more are missing many teeth. People loose their teeth for many reasons, injuries, disease, decay, accidents and the natural effects of aging. However, there are more opportunities for great looking teeth than ever before. Usually, if the teeth look good they should functional well.

Dressing for the party might be a better experience if you are able to correct the condition of your teeth. Crowns, veneers, partials, dentures and implant -supported teeth are all available. They may be something you and your dentist will choose as an option for a better holiday smile.

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