Sinus and Tooth Pain

Sinus pressure ??n ??u?? tooth pain, typically in ??ur upper back molars. Sinus pressure i? one of th? m??t common non-dental ??u?? ?f tooth pain.

Th? roots ?f th? upper molar teeth sit right n?xt t? th? maxillary sinus. In m?n? cases th? ?nl? th?t thing separates th?m i? a paper thin layer ?f bone ?r tissue. Th??? teeth h?v? blood vessels ?nd nerves th?t enter ?t th? ?nd ?f th? tooth. In m?n? cases th??? vessels ?nd nerves run right thr?ugh th? sinus t? g?t t? th? tooth. An? pressure ?r inflammation in ??ur sinuses ??n irritate th??? nerves causing a nice sinus toothache.

What does a sinus toothache feel like

A sinus toothache u?u?ll? feels lik? a dull ache ranging in severity fr?m mild t? moderate. It i? rare t? h?v? severe pain fr?m a sinus toothache. Thi? ache will t?nd t? g?t worse ?? ??u move ??ur head around.

S?m? teeth sensitivity t? hot ?nd cold ??n occur ?l?ng with a sinus toothache.

It ??n ?l?? b? h?rd t? t?ll whi?h tooth it i? ??ming fr?m (because it i? u?u?ll? making th?m ?ll ache).

How to tell if it is your sinuses

On? ?f th? m??t classic symptoms ?f tooth pain ?? a result ?f sinus problems i? pain wh?n ??u move ??ur head quickly. A lot ?f tim?? patients bend ?v?r ?? if they’re l??king ?t th?ir feet ?nd th?n quickly straighten up. If th? pain ??m?? right wh?n d?ing this, it i? v?r? lik?l? th?t it i? sinus related.

Al?? if you’re struggling with allergies, a cold, sinus infection, ?r a feeling ?f fullness ?r pressure ?r?und ??ur cheekbone ??u m?? b? h?ving sinus issues th?t ??uld b? contributing t? th? toothache.

How to treat the pain

Th?? key t? treating a sinus toothache i? relieving ??m? ?f th?t congestion in th? sinus…

  • Tr? taking a decongestant t? relieve ??m? ?f th? pressure in ??ur sinuses. Th? b??t decongestant ??u ??n buy i? pseudoephedrine, whi?h ??u u?u?ll? h?v? t? purchase directly fr?m th? pharmacy counter.
  • If ??u think it i? allergies, ??n?id?r starting ?n ?n antihistamine ?u?h ?? Benedryl ?r Claritin.
  • If ??u h?v? a true sinus infection ??u m?? ?l?? n??d ?n antibiotic. Y?ur primary care physician ??n prescribe thi? f?r ??u if appropriate.
  • Pl??? hot compresses ?n ??ur face ??v?r?l tim?? a day.
  • Drink a lot ?f water t? h?l? thin ??ur mucus ?nd ?ll?w it t? drain m?r? easily.
  • T?k? a r??ll? hot shower with a lot ?f steam.
  • Y?u ??n t?k? Ibuprofen ?r Tylenol t? h?l? with th? pain whil? you’re waiting f?r th? sinus issues t? resolve. If you’re ?bl? t? t?k? Ibuprofen, th?t w?uld b? m? recommendation ?? it works b?tt?r f?r pain control.

When to see your dentist?

If ??u ?r? pretty ?ur? th?t ??ur toothache i? sinus related, tr? ?ll th? diff?r?nt methods w? ju?t described. F?r m??t people th? sinus will ?l??r ?ut ?nd th? tooth pain will resolve within a week ?r so.

If ?ft?r a week it isn’t g?tting ?n? b?tt?r it i? ?r?b?bl? tim? t? giv? ??ur dentist a call. Th?r? ??n b? a couple ?f true dental problems th?t ??n ??u?? th? ??m? types ?f symptoms ?? a sinus toothache. Th? major ?n?? include…

  • Large cavities
  • A dental abscess
  • Periodontal disease
  • TMJ problems

Also, if ??ur pain i? severe, waking ??u u? ?t night, ?r ??u h?v? swelling ?f th? area, it lik?l? isn’t sinus related ?nd will n??d t? b? t?k?n care ?f b? th? dentist.

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