How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While Cooking Healthy Food

How To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth While Cooking Healthy Food

If you are the type of person who simply craves something sweet after dinner or loves to indulge in sweet food on and off, then you need to know that sugar in excessive amounts is bad for health. It causes obesity, high cholesterol and extreme damage to your teeth. And don’t get us started on how badly it affects your teeth.

But one thing is clear that the craving for sweet food does not reduce if the sugar is not there. The concept of snacks and sweet food does not come without sugar. But there are many healthier ways to give in to your sweet tooth craving and eat healthy food as well.

1. Replace Sugar with Healthier Alternatives

Replacing sugar does not mean replacing with less sugar or sugar-free substances which are chemicals in the name of ‘sweet’ products, but it means replacing with natural sugars such as raw honey, agave nectar, brown sugar and maple syrup. These natural sweet alternatives are healthier and sometimes even sweeter than the white sugar so you will need to use less in any recipe. The added advantage is that they pose no health risk, in fact, have many benefits for your body and health and has many nutritional properties. This way you can enjoy all the sweet delicacies in a much healthier way.

2. Give in to Your Sweet Cravings Naturally

If you and your family members cannot complete your food without a desert, then you can make a dessert which used healthier options. These can include natural homemade fruit yogurts, fruit-based desserts, baked fruit pies with natural sugar alternatives. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied through these desserts in a healthy way without compromising on your sweet tooth. Fruit shakes without sugar ae a great way to give in to your sweet cravings and get much nutrition as well through fruits.

3. Create New Recipes

One more way is to make new recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you make regular deserts, cakes, and pies, then you can search healthier recipes for the same deserts. You can search for recipes such as ‘healthy chocolate cake recipe’ or ‘chocolate cake with less sugar’, similarly ‘less sugar chocolate chip cookies’ or chocolate chip cookies healthy recipe’. This way you can make the same desserts with new and healthier recipes and you will not even know the difference without compromising on your health.

4. Take Smaller Amounts

If your sweet cravings are not reduced, then you can sweet but in lesser amounts. Although, sugar is unhealthy even in smaller amounts but is still better then consuming a lot. Also, when you eat sweet food, eat it slowly and chew it well so that your brain gets the signal that you are full. When you eat and chew fast then tend to eat more, while chewing a lot an eating slowly will make the digestion process easier and quicker and your brain will believe that you are full after eating a little amount.

Using sugar alternatives will not benefit till you also take proper care of your body. You should have the well-rested body for a healthy life as well as drink lots of water and exercise regularly to stay fit. You should also take care of your oral health by brushing flossing and visiting your dentist regularly as sugar causes tooth decay.

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