• As far as businesses go, this is one is world class. Everyone dreads the dentist, but Melissa makes it painless. This place uses every resource available to help the patient. I’ve been in Connecticut … Read More
  • Dental hygiene Melissa did a fantastic job. She cares about patients and accurate. She disscuses her concerns with patients and explains everything. She is the boss really. Even words can’t describe h… Read More
  • Organized and small. Good services and friendly staff. I tried dental hygiene Melissa and it was perfect. She tell u what she needs to do in your teeths in details, advices, and recommendations. She d… Read More
  • Dr Horblitt has always been thorough with any dental concerns have had. He’s easy going and he is a total pro. I have complete confidence with both he and his staff. I highly recommend him for all thi… Read More
  • Dr. Horblitt and the entire staff have always done an amazing job taking care of my mouth and my complex dental issues. Thanks to the whole team for their amazing work!