Pay Attention to Bad Breath

Bad breath is more than a social problem. It can be a symptom of other health issues, including minor and serious dental problems. Bad breath, or halitosis as it is more formally called, can be occasional or persistent. The mouth is moist and warm and is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Indeed, the most common cause of bad breath is bacteria in the mouth.The bacteria in the mouth in the morning, after a night of sleep, causes odor, and this is usually quite normal. However, there are a number of causes of bacteria that are red flags for dental health issues.

Local Mouth Problems

The first thing to consider is dental hygiene. Are you cleaning the teeth properly? Is food being left between the teeth? Cavities, caused by poor mouth hygiene, can cause bad breath, as the tooth decays.

Infections of the gum, called periodontal disease, are another source of bacteria. The pockets between the gums and teeth can become infected and cause mouth odor.

Systemic Issues

Another source of mouth odor is dry mouth, called xerostomia, is caused by saliva gland problems, mouth breathing, and certain medications, such as painkillers, diuretics, and decongestants. Dry mouth can be associated with Sjogren’s Syndrome which also causes dry eyes. Dry mouth can also be a symptom of diabetes, respiratory disease, sinus trouble, reflux, kidney, and liver disease.

How to Deal with Bad Breath

If the bad breath persists even after you make sure that your teeth cleaning habits are excellent, you should see your dentist right away. Don’t be shy! Tell your dentist what is going on, so that he or she can help you solve your dental problems. Dr. Gary Horblitt DDS CT is available in his Fairfield dentist CT office to help you with all of your dental issues.

About Dr. Horblitt

The best thing to do to keep your breath smelling great and your mouth healthy is to see your dentist two times a year. This way, if there is a developing problem, the dentist can attend to it before it advances. Dr. Gary Horblitt DDS CT, recognized as a top dentist by CT Magazine eight years in a row, is a great choice for a health care professional who can help you in preventing and repairing dental problems. His office gives you a full-service dentist CT conveniently located with a staff you will love.

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