Does Ozone Work For Dental Treatment?

Does Ozone Work For Dental Treatment

Once you consult a holistic dentist, you might have heard him or her recommending the use of ozone for treating different kinds of dental conditions. It is recommended for almost all scenarios in dentistry including treating gum disease, reversing cavities, treating sensitive teeth, disinfecting root canals, and whitening teeth. Anytime somebody says they have a product that cures everything, some of you might get nervous. Majority of things that sound too good typically are.

Ozone gas is renowned for killing microorganisms effectively. It’s claimed that once you flow this gas on your teeth or put it in a water or oil suspension, you will get amazing disinfection results.

However, the available evidence might not be the way you are expecting. According to experts, there’s no reliable evidence that ozone gas application to the surface of a decayed tooth reverses or stops the process of decaying. There’s a basic need for more evidences of proper rigor and quality before using ozone can be accepted into the mainstream dental care.

The researchers have tested ozone therapy as well on the patients who have diabetic foot ulcers to see if this speeds healing. As with the dental ozone therapy, there isn’t lost of quality research available out there. They could not say if this was effective in this kind of situation.

In fact, if you will do extensive search on your own about the use of ozone in dentistry, you won’t find anything positive except from the group that developed this kind of procedure. If you have worked in a research lab, you’ll know how the researchers spin their research to come to a particular conclusion. It is also essential to note on such reviews that they did not say that ozone absolutely does not work. They just only said that there’s no evidence proving that it works.

If you are curious about the effectiveness of ozone for dental treatment, there are some questions you should keep in your mind. How can get enough ozone gas to the gum line for treating gum disease? How can you disinfect your tooth if this does not stay in place?

The Bottom Line

Ozone might have the potential to be helpful in the world of dentistry. Yet, as of now, it does not give everyone with reliable evidence that it’s really effective. Some of you might not want to risk your oral health to something that isn’t proven yet and might not be helpful at all. There are tons of standard treatments known to be very effective. If you don’t like to take some risks, stick with those renowned standard dental treatments.

Although there are dental treatments that also have associated risks, but you know how they work and there’s already an extensive research done to it. Nevertheless, with the use of ozone for dental treatments, there’s still no better research to back it up, which is a bit tricky and scary most particularly those who don’t want to risk their precious dental health.

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