Osteoporosis Medication Dangers

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Are you aware that particular osteoporosis medication, especially the ones provided as an IV injection could affect your overall dental health?

Majority of people who have taken the pill form of bisphosphonates have higher risk. The risk is low and not something that you should be concerned of. The advantage of such medications is higher than the associated risk to one’s dental health. If you have taken the IV bisphosphonates, you’re at higher risk of this happening. Your doctor will only utilize it if necessary due to the risk of something could happen.

How to Get Rid of Bisphosphonate Related Osteonecrosis

A lot of cases of the osteoonecrosis happen after some kind of oral surgery, typically when you’ve taken out a tooth. If you have taken the IV bisphosphonates previously, you would want to do some things to reduce your risk and these include the following:

  • If you require tooth extraction, consult your oral surgeon or dentist who’s very experienced with the extractions. The less traumatically your tooth comes out, the lesser risk of ostenecrosis in the long run.
  • Always take care of your teeth. Gum disease or cavities might cause you to require tooth extraction. You might want to get rid of tooth extractions or some dental surgery if possible.
  • Ensure that your dentist is aware that you have taken the IV bisphosphonates.

What Osteonecrosis Looks Like?

Majority of cases of ostenecrosis in one’s mouth will show up like an ulcer in your gum tissue that will never heal. There are times that it’s painful and sometimes, it is not. This happens often in your bottom jaw than its top because there are not as numerous blood vessels that supply bone. One of the areas is bottom jaw on your gum’s tongue side where molar teeth could be. Once you have a history on taking such medications and have a place that is not healing, you must reassess it.

What’s the Treatment?

You must see your oral surgeon for the right treatment. They have more experience in treating this type of condition compared to general dentists. No matter what happens, you like to get rid of any trauma to the area to heal it. The typical treatment for this is removing dead bone gently and going on the antibiotics and place the wound dressing on the top of it. Extra surgery could make the condition a bit worse and would cause other bone to die. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a controversial treatment for ostenecrosis. However, research on this still continues. Aside from that, it can be costly and your insurance might not cover this treatment.

If you choose a drug, it makes sense to consider starting generic alendronate since this is less expensive. Consult your doctor regarding the steps you may take to minimize the risk of side effects. If you have taken bisphosphonate for 5 years or more, ask your doctor to stop temporarily to encourage normal remodeling of the bone and to eliminate the risk of the side effects.

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