These New Studies Show the Real Importance of Oral Health

The new studies show the importance of oral health

Oral health is usually taken for granted by most people and it’s very common that they don’t get the proper hygiene to maintain their mouths actually healthy. Regular mouth issues are easily treated by a regular dentist and that also motivates the laziness when it comes to teeth.

But truth is that some recent studies made in Asia have thrown some disturbing results as the bad oral health can actually affect and infect other parts of our organism. To warn about the dangers of poor oral hygiene, we want to share with you these studies that will surely make you notice more about how well you take care of your teeth

Inflammatory bowel disease

Bowel affections are of the most commons in actual society thanks to the processed and fast food as well as the alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and smoke, in general, we consume every day, plus the anxiety, stress, and depression. All of these factors affect directly our stomach, esophagus and bowels function. That’s why sometimes it’s hard for doctors to find out what causes inflammatory bowel disease.

Well, very recently, a study from the Japanese Waseda University found out that great amounts of certain bacteria in our mouths is one of the first causes of this disease and it can actually be cured by regulating that bacteria known as Klebsiella pneumoniae. But it’s not recommendable to fight them with antibiotics as they’re actually really resistant to them, instead, try using oral disinfectants and you’ll probably see the results on time.

Vitamins and minerals are as important as brushing

It’s something mildly common to find patients that follow their oral hygiene routine faithfully and still are a victim of several teeth decay. Well, that happens because while oral cleanse is important for preventing the bacteria to affect the teeth, they also need to regenerate and produce their own protection and, for that, they need vitamins and minerals.

But if a person doesn’t receive the right amount of some of these nutrients, such as vitamin A, K2, E and D they are more likely to suffer from their bad oral health. All these minerals not only help to create the right alkaline saliva for protecting our teeth but also ensure the fixation of calcium and balance the oral bacteria. So, if you follow your dentist’s instruction but still have bad oral health, check your vitamins and minerals.

Blood pressure and the oral health

Even if this sounds strange, a unique study recently made by a group of Chinese dental researchers found out that periodontitis, a gum disease, is usually linked with blood pressure problems.

Actually, the study included more than 100 patients with medium to severe gum disease plus hypertension or pre-hypertension. Then they made the patients undergo an intense cleansing treatment that included very invasive therapy in order to quickly and dramatically improve the oral health of the patients.

Surprisingly it actually worked and not only the blood pressure actually diminished but also this improvement lasted about 6 months after treatment and the blood pressure changes were more significant with the pass of time.

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