My Holiday Smile

Greetings and good cheer usually are accompanied by a smile. A good smile includes nice white teeth. The bigger and the whiter the teeth are the happier we are about our smile. Whitening your teeth may or may not be paid for by your carrier. The best way to keep your holiday smile bright and vibrant is by remembering your end of the year dental insurance benefits.

Most carriers and plans have a yearly allowance for dental work, cleanings and exams. Every carrier and plan benefits are different. A patient should be aware of their particular plan’s benefits so they are able to use them in a predictable manner. Most carriers have a yearly maximum and specifics of what procedures and fees the plan allows. Usually, these benefits do not carry over to the next year and expire. If you do not use them you lose them.

Most dental insurance companies allow for one cleaning every six months. They allow for some X-rays and an exam. The dentist can examine your mouth and make sure your teeth are in good condition or make sure a small problem does not turn into a major issue. A patient’s mouth is examined for indictors of systemic and autoimmune diseases. Heart disease has also been linked to patients with periodontal disease.

Before you go to the dentist make sure you know that the provider is an in-network provider, accepts your plan and what your portion of payment will be for services. A routine cleaning and exam will keep you smiling during the holidays and into the New Year. While using your dental insurance benefit you are ensuring the future of your teeth and good health.

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