How Do I Know If I Need A Root Canal?

how do i know if i need a root canal?

Many people wonder when to get a root canal. Some are concerned when they start experiencing biting discomfort, sensitivity or some unusual symptoms. Quickly your mind might think of the worst case scenario and after that, you will think of needing a root canal. So, when is really the right time to get a root canal?


Tooth pain comes in different ways. There could be shooting, aching, stabbing, throbbing, burning, dull, constant, tingling or severe pain. You may experience a combination of those things. An occasional minor sharp pains or dull ache are not unusual. These may be the sign that you have cavities or having some sinus issues. As long as it does not become severe, these do not signal the need for root canal.

To know if you require a root canal, constant severe pain comes by itself or after a sort of stimulus isn’t normal. This always indicates that you require root canal. Pain that’s strong enough to wake you up at night is a good indicator of it. More often than not, this kind of pain comes presents as throbbing severe pain. Some people also say it feels like a tooth throbs along with the heartbeat.


Sensitivity to cold or hot may be the first sign that something is wrong with your tooth or it could be nothing at all. If something cold or hot hits your tooth and you experienced painful yet quick sensation, it’s fairly normal. If the painful sensation last for 15 to 20 seconds or minutes, the nerve is already in the process of dying and you will require root canal.


Usually, swelling is a sign of infection. Determining if it’s related to your tooth or not is a huge trick in knowing when you require root canal. Swelling that’s associated with tooth infection means you need root canal. The nerve in your tooth has died and all the tissues inside are already infected. The tooth serves as a constant tooth infection, which affects the bone and some tissues around your tooth. Root canal gets rid of the infected tissue and enables your body to heal.

Biting Pain

It’s another tricky sign. The reason behind it is that biting pain could be related to a trauma, infection, cracked tooth or failing filling. Infected teeth mean you need root canal. Cracked tooth has developed significant sensitivity, pain or in which crack extends into the nerve means that it’d need root canal.

Big Cavities

Cavities aren’t fund. Big ones are less fun, particularly if you end up needing root canal. Tooth x-rays will show you the cavity’s rough extent, yet never tell the entire story. Your dentist would know its full extent when they clean it all out of your tooth.

By keeping those things in mind, you will know when to get root canal, yet it’s essential to know that there are times that you might require root canal without knowing it. The best prevention for root canal is reducing acid and sugar in your diet, good oral hygiene, and seeing dentist in a consistent manner.

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