How Smoking Damages Your Mouth

How Smoking Damages Your Mouth

It is generally well-known that smoking can cause damage to a person’s lungs and cardiovascular system, often leading to cancer. But many of us still connect smoking to gum disease, other conditions, and yes, cancer. It’s the unfortunate truth that thousands of people each year suffer from mouth cancer brought about by smoking. 

We hope to shed light on smoking’s damaging effect on the mouth in this post so you can be better informed and in turn, can share with others. 

Oral Diseases and Conditions Induced By Smoking

There is an expansive array of oral conditions and diseases caused by smoking. 

The Virtual Medical Centre has gathered a comprehensive list that is worth sharing below: 

  • Staining of teeth and dental fillings;
  • Reduction of the ability to smell and taste;
  • Bad breath;
  • Smoker’s palate, where the palate becomes white and a number of little spots project from the surface, each bearing a small red spot at the centre that marks the opening of the duct of the gland;
  • Smoker’s melanosis, which is associated with cigarette and pipe smoking, and is seen as brown spots inside the mouth;
  • Coated tongue, which is the condition where there is a coloured layer composed of mainly food particles, bacteria, and debris from epithelium in the mouth;
  • Oral thrush, which is a type of fungal infection that occurs in the mouth;
  • Gum disease;
  • Tooth decay (dental caries);
  • The failure of dental implants; and/or
  • Oral precancer and cancer.

This alarming list is very clear in smoking’s damaging effect on the mouth.

Let’s focus on one of the major players in this list: gum disease

How Does Smoking Lead To Gum Disease?

Another distressing statistic is that, according to MedicineNet, “nearly 65 million adults in the United States have gum disease.”

What’s more, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 34.1 million adults in the United States aged 18 years or older smoke cigarettes.

These findings point to cigarette smoking as a leading cause of gum disease among U.S. adults.

Why is this? Specifically and concisely, smoking cigarettes affects the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth, interfering with normal function of gum tissue cells.

This interference increases the likelihood that smokers will get an infection, and additionally, it will be more difficult for the body to fight and heal from these infections.

Treatment Solutions For Smokers

If you smoke cigarettes or use other tobacco products, it is highly recommended that you schedule regular visits with your family dentist for professional teeth cleanings and checkups.

The professionals at Revitalizing Smiles in Fairfield, Connecticut will know exactly how to help and will educate you on the preventative measures you can take to ward off mouth diseases and conditions brought on by cigarette smoking.

We offer personalized attention, friendly staff, and patient-focused treatment so that you can keep your mouth and smile healthy for years to come! 

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