How does the process of getting dental implants work?`

The way to get started is to schedulea consultation with your Prosthodontist. He will be able to determine if implant treatment is right for you. Depending on your situation, implants can be done in one day, or take several months.

The first step is placement of the implant. The dentist surgically places the dental implant into the bone of the jaw. Some swelling and/or discomfort after the surgery is possible. Your doctor will prescribe any necessary medications to keep you comfortable. Soft diet is recommended during the initial healing phase.

The second step is the healing process. This may take a few weeks to several months depending on the quality and quantity of bone available. This time is essential to allow bone to grow around the implant and make the implant strong.

The third and final step is the placement of the artificial tooth or teeth. The time needed for this step may vary and will depend on the complexity of the case. Your dentist may give you a temporary crown or denture if needed so that you can eat and speak normally until the permanents replacement is ready.

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