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People usually tend to know little or nothing about their body, especially when it comes to teeth. We rarely know the names of some of them, so the only option is going to the dentist and ask some weird questions, we are likely to spend our lives with these set of teeth, that┤s why we should listen to the answers a dentist gave to some of these questions.

What are these bumps in my teeth?

Those little protuberances are actually called mamelons, and there┤s nothing to worry about them. They can be aesthetically removed but actually there┤s nothing wrong with them, they form part of the three initial lobes teeth usually have. So, we can all relax about that one.

I just broke my teeth.

No, you didn┤t, and they┤re not going to fall over. These little cracks that can normally be seen on the front teeth and they also have a name. They are called craze lines and they are perfectly normal. They can later become a cosmetic issue, but there┤s nothing to be alarmed for health-related.

How much can teeth put up with?

They can put up with a lot, but you also need to take care of them. Teeth are 96% made out of enamel (the other 4% is water and proteins), which is the hardest structure on your whole body, the second being the bones, which are 70% mineral content (30% being water and proteins). Nonetheless, that does not mean that your teeth can put up with everything; enamel is more fragile than the bone structure, and opposite from bones, teeth cannot heal themselves, so we need to take care of them while we have them.

My baby teeth were whiter than my permanent teeth

Even with continuous whitening sessions, permanent teeth cannot be as white as baby teeth. It┤s normal to notice that your permanent teeth are darker or more yellow than the ones you had on first place, but there┤s nothing to worry about.

What is the matter with the Wisdom Teeth?

These are a set of teeth that most people have behind the molars, which refer to the last teeth we have in the row. We can feel with our tongue a strong structure behind them, those are the so called wisdom teeth, which seem to have no function nowadays. They can come out at some point in our adult lives.

Fun fact: these sets of teeth are called this way because they tend to come out between the age of 15 and 25, thus being the last teeth to come out. The wisdom these teeth have is entirely related to the adulthood process, in which we are supposed to get wiser than in our teenage years.

Can people have extra teeth?

Indeed they can, but this case is not common, sometimes it comes from genetic diseases. They are not functional and can be anywhere: it can be another front teeth or even an extra set of wisdom teeth.

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