I haven't been to the dentist for many years, what can I expect when I come in for a check up?

This situation is fairly commonplace.  We will take X-rays and perform an exam and basic cleaning.  Your condition will be made clear and we will recommend care.  We will address your concerns and gently restore your oral health in a stepwise manner.

My teeth hurt sometimes. What is the matter?

This may be a simple issue such as teeth clenching and grinding, which a mouthguard can help. Sometimes this is a sign of a condition which will  become more problematic if not addressed promptly. Either way, we should examine you and diagnose the underlying cause to prevent further symptoms.

I think I need a root canal.  Does this treatment hurt?

Generally, Root Canal Therapy is a painless procedure.  With the use of local anesthetic, patients feel nothing.  It is only when a tooth is severely infected the situation is made more complex.  In this case, we often recommend replacing the tooth altogether.  This approach avoids the discomfort associated with root canals.

What are veneers? Can I get them?

Veneers are a restoration bonded to the front surface of teeth.  This is done to alter the color, size or shape of teeth.  The treatment is non-invasive and painless.  If you are a good candidate based on an examination we will recommend them or else a crown is often advisable.

What is a crown? How long do they last?

A crown is basically a covering for a tooth which is fragile or already broken.  They are often constructed of a material called Zirconia which is very strong.  The procedure involves shaping the tooth to receive the crown and a mold is taken for a laboratory to create the final crown.  The experience is comparable to a filling, but takes a bit longer and involves two visits, generally.  

Our crowns fit the tooth very accurately making them resistant to decay.  If the patient cares for them with regular, professional cleanings and good home care, they can last many years.

How can a crown or bridge help my smile?

If you have missing teeth, the gaps left can cause other teeth to shift, and give you a bad bite. It may also make it more difficult to eat and to speak. Crown and bridge dentistry replaces your missing, broken, miscolored or decayed teeth, which can restore health and beauty to your smile.

My teeth don't hurt.  Does this suggest there are no problems in my mouth?

Some conditions that require attention are not associated with discomfort.  Periodontal or “gum” disease and other infections are often painless.  The destruction of bone associated with these problems is slow so that they can go unnoticed.  Similarly dental decay or “cavities” are usually asymptomatic.  It is not until these conditions advance that they become painful.  At this stage, treatment becomes more complicated and costly, so it is wise to address them before one feels discomfort.

I am afraid of the dentist.  What should I do?

We understand that many people have a fear of going to the dentist.  Many times this is due to a previously unpleasant experience or stories told of such experiences.  While we realize our office may not be considered an ideal destination, we provide care that is gentle and compassionate.

Our patients are pleasantly surprised by their dental experience.  We use techniques for local anesthesia that are pain-free.  After ensuring that no sensation can be felt, we attend to the patient with a soft touch and supportive approach.  Care is provided efficiently and precisely, minimizing procedure times, and after-treatment issues.

I have no health insurance.  What should I do?

In particular, patients without health coverage should visit our office on regular basis.  Dental problems that aren’t dealt with only become more expensive in time.  A simple filling now can prevent a root canal later.  Maintaining good oral health supports the entire body in remaining healthy.  A simple cleaning can not only potentially prevent tooth loss, but even heart disease!  Any bacteria in the mouth can spread through the blood to other parts of the body, making visits to the dentist a great investment.  

What are my payment options?

We accept cash, as well as American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. We work with special-financing companies CareCredit and Springstone Financial. We will file dental insurance claims on your behalf. We work closely with the medical insurance carriers to provide treatment that is medically necessary for patients whom suffer from trauma, cancer or disease.

What insurances do you accept or are in-network?

We accept the following insurances:

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