Frequently Asked Questions About Flossing

Are There Really Any Benefits To Flossing?

Flossing h?? a huge impact ?n ??ur oral health. Brushing ?l?n? ?nl? cleans ?b?ut 60% ?f ??ur tooth surface whil? flossing reaches th?t ?th?r 40%. Aft?r flossing routinely f?r a week ?r tw? you’ll notice a big difference in th? health ?f ??ur gums. Th?? shouldn’t bleed anymore wh?n ??u brush ?nd floss.

Healthy gums h?l? ??u avoid gum disease whi?h h?? b??n linked t? a variety ?f ?th?r full b?d? health issues ?u?h ?? diabetes, heart disease, ?nd ??rt?in types ?f cancer.

Should I Floss Before Or After Brushing My Teeth?

Th? b??t practice i? ??tu?ll? t? floss b?f?r? ??u brush ??ur teeth. Th? r????n f?r thi? i? th?t flossing b?f?r? ??ur brush ??ur teeth opens u? th? areas in b?tw??n ??ur tooth b? g?tting th? food ?nd plaque out. Thi? ?ll?w? th? fluoride in ??ur toothpaste t? work m?r? effectively in th??? areas wh?n ??u ??tu?ll? brush. If you’re a stickler ?b?ut flossing, ??u ??uld floss b?th b?f?r? ?nd ?ft?r brushing!

How Often Do I Need to Floss?

Y?u ?h?uld r??ll? floss ?n?? a day, ?v?r? single day. If ??u d? it l??? th?n th?t you’ll start t? g?t a lot ?f food caught in b?tw??n ??ur teeth. If ??u d? it m?r? ?ft?n ??u won’t g?t mu?h ?f ?n additional benefit. On?? a day (of good flossing) i? plenty in order t? k??? ??ur gums healthy ?nd ??ur breath fresh. Th? ?n? exception t? thi? i? if ??u h?v? ?n area th?t constantly traps food. You’ll w?nt t? floss thi? area m?r? ?ft?n (usually right ?ft?r eating) t? g?t th?t food out. Food th?t sits n?xt t? ??ur tooth ??n ??u?? a cavity r?th?r quickly.

Are There Any Types of Floss or Products That I Shouldn’t Use?

Pl???? don’t u?? a toothpick t? clean in b?tw??n ??ur teeth. A toothpick i? h?rd ?nd ??n ??u?? m?r? damage th?n good. Ifpatients geta piece ?f toothpick stuck b?tw??n th?ir teeth ?nd couldn’t g?t it out. Th?ir gums will r??ll? hurt! An?th?r type ?f floss th?tis not recommended i? th? unwaxed string kind. It shreds ?nd g?t? stuck in b?tw??n ??ur teeth. Save ??ur money ?nd buy a slightly m?r? expensive waxed version ?f th? floss.

How Do I Make Myself Floss?

Thi? i? th? hardest thing f?r m??t people. Th?? ?ith?r forget ?r ju?t don’t w?nt t? floss. With flossing it i? r??ll? important t? g?t int? a routine. Force ??ur??lf t? d? it whil? brushing ??ur teeth ?t night. If ??u k??? thi? u? f?r a full thr?? weeks you’ll lik?l? h?v? developed it int? a habit ?nd ??u won’t h?v? n??rl? ?? big a problem d?ing it ?? ??u did before. Th? biggest thing ??u h?v? t? remember t? d? i? t? k??? flossing regularly ?r you’ll slip back int? ?ld habits.

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