Why You Should Be Consuming All of Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before Year-End

Why You Should Be Consuming All of Your Dental Insurance Benefits Before Year-End

Would you like to know how you can save cash more effectively while having your dental care done? Hear us out: by taking the full advantage of your dental insurance benefits.

Now, what do we mean by this? Let’s get to some explanation.

How It Works?

Most dental insurance plans are on yearly calendar. Whether you use it or not, it will clear up in the end of the year, and from January 1, your dental insurance plan will reset.

Did you notice? We said, “whether you use it or not, it will reset”. It means if you left unspent dental benefits, they will disappear forever with the year-end. So, if you are not spending all of them by the end of the year, you are actually leaving money on the table.

How To Use That Money?

This year is concluding pretty soon. You have little time left to consume your unspent benefits to save money for other stuff (holidays and New Year eve. There’s a lot of fun on the way, right). So, what you should do?

If you or any member of your family that your dental covers have plans to visit dentist in the start of the new year, do it now – before the year ends. You can get preventive procedures covered by your plan like cleaning, x-rays, and normal checkups. Moreover, you can also go with dental procedures like filling, crowns, and bridgework. This will ensure your teeth’s health and it still won’t affect you monetarily.

Let’s take an example to clear this up: Let’s say you need tooth filling and it costs $100. Now consider two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Perhaps you are busy or you don’t need tooth filling too early, you choose to do the procedure in January. If you do, your plan will cover 75% of the procedure and the rest 25%, which $25, will be paid by you.

Scenario 2: If you get your tooth filling done before January 1, you won’t need to pay any more deductibles, which means savings.

(Dental insurance plans differ. This is just an example)

Now, which scenario would you choose? Of course, the second one is far more tempting than the other.

What If Your Don’t Have Much Benefits Left, But You Need A Procedure Done?

If it’s not too urgent, you can start the procedure late in December. That way, you will be able to reach your plan’s annual maximum and save money, and when the plan will reset after new year, you can continue the procedure.

Added Benefit

Saving money is not the only perk of using all of your dental plan. Because when you visit your dentist regularly, it is more likely that serious problems like gum disease and oral cancer would be detected early, which will help vastly in curing it easily and on time.

So, book your appointment with us before the year-end and save money while you keep your teeth healthy and smile pretty.

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