Broken front tooth! What’s next?

Breaking a front tooth is definitely one of the most significant damage one can traumas anyone can receive when speaking of dental issues. This kind of injuries affects patient’s oral health at the same time that inflicts damage to their self-esteem. Watching themselves in the mirror and lacking the opportunity of smiling naturally is very frustrating for most patients.

That’s why when suffering a frontal tooth trauma, it’s necessary to take action very quickly and go to the dentist that is the only one capable a truly healing and hurt teeth; the tooth won’t heal by itself, especially if it’s broken.

Types of frontal tooth injury

When you get a frontal tooth trauma, the worst case scenario is that you may lose your tooth but there’re other less serious damages or traumas that also need to be treated immediately:

  • Loose tooth: this happens when the blow is strong enough to loosen the tooth but it doesn’t break it or take it off. This is the best of all the traumas in the front tooth as it’s the easiest case for recovery. This kind of hit is called “teeth concussion” and it can lead to root damage or your teeth being pushed into your jaw, besides the patient might be bleeding moderately and with a medium pain.
  • Broken tooth: when the tooth breaks but doesn’t come out completely, normally exposing the pulp and part of the root with a heavy pain. If treated quickly, the tooth can be joined together but the lack of treatment can lead to infection and severe pain.
  • Tooth avulsion or the fall of a whole tooth: this is the most serious of all tooth traumas. This entails several bleeding and pain and will require receiving pressure in order to stop it. Be careful of going to the dentist as soon as possible but especially if the bleeding won’t stop. If you can recover the tooth, don’t try to clean it but put it on milk, water or saliva until you get to the emergency.

So, what’s next?

After you get the trauma and get to the dentist, the first thing that will happen is that you will receive a diagnosis based on x-ray and physical examination, and will determine the immediate and on long-term treatment.

In every case that a damaged tooth can be saved, the dentist will do as much as possible to actually recover the original tooth. Even though each case is different, normally the tooth can be recovered by using a tool to keep it still while it heals. Even a knocked out tooth can be reinserted if the tooth is correctly managed and with some further dentist visits, everything will be normal.

Only in the worst case, where the tooth can’t actually be reinserted whether because you couldn’t find it or because it’s too damaged, there’re several options that your dentist will discuss with you as solutions such as crown or bridge or for a more permanent solution, dental implants.

Posted by Randy Blakeslee – GetnSocial

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