An Insight to Dr. Gary Horblitt who is the Country’s Leading Prosthodontist in Connecticut

Gary Horblitt is one the country’s leading specialists in dental implants. With more than 30+ years of experience with dental implants, Dr. Horblitt is more than qualified. Such qualifications include being a prosthodontist. A prosthodontist specializes in restoring and replacing teeth. The benefits of reconstructive dentistry go well beyond the cosmetic. Aligned teeth that aren’t inserted properly create pressure on the neighbors and on the jawbone. If this isn’t taken care of, it can cause damage to healthy teeth, gums, and jawbone.

If you’ve always thought dentures were the only alternative to natural teeth, reading this will bring a smile to your face. You no longer have to endure the embarrassment of dentures if one or more of your teeth need replacing. There is a tooth replacement system that’s as close to real teeth as it gets, andDr. Gary Horblitt is the prosthodontist to do it.

Imagine being able to bite into an apple or an ear of corn again. You can get teeth that don’t slip when you’re talking. Instead of being glued to your mouth, it will be rooted in your gums. Clean them by brushing like normal, not overnight soaking. This is possible! You can have the perfect teeth you’ve always wanted! Dr. Horblitt specializes in tooth and teeth replacement and could help you get your smile back.

Gary Horblittis a clinical instructor in prosthodontics and dental surgery at Yale University, as well as an assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and taught at the University of Pittsburgh. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Case Western Reserve University, his Doctor of Dental Surgery from Northwestern University, and has since become one of the leading authorities on dental implants in the country.

Gary’s Awards and Achievements:

  • Gary is on the Yale School of Medicine Head and Neck Program staff, providing maxillofacial prosthetic services for patients with cancer of the head & neck.
  • Gary is known for his extensive experience in treating accident cases, medically compromised patients, and patients with special considerations
  • N.B.C. Study Group for his outstanding contribution as a clinician
  • Yale-New Haven Hospital Department of Dentistry for being an “Outstanding Mentor & Teacher”

And many more…

Dentures, teeth replacement, crowns, bridges, you name it, Dr. Gary Horblitt can do it. Look better and feel better – free from oral pain. You can call Dr. Horblitt at 203-366-7600 for a preliminary consultation or second opinion. Click here to schedule an appointment today!


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