A New Year. A new you.

There is no time for upside down smiles, misaligned or missing teeth. Normal or attractive looking teeth go hand in hand with good function, a happy life style and good health. Aside from heart disease, digestive problems and other autoimmune diseases research has shown a link between missing teeth and Alzheimer’s disease. Research has also shown individuals self-esteem is affected by the appearance of their teeth.

When an individual is missing teeth in the back of their mouths the front teeth splay and physically take a beating. The front teeth actually may chip and even fracture. This is very visible when it is your front teeth. Aside from not having a very pleasant appearance, eating a regular diet may present a challenge. Some individuals need to limit their diet and or blend their food. Many times these individuals feel uncomfortable eating in front of other people or in public.

If a person’s bite is not correct, they not only can damage their teeth physical but they can also damage their TMJ joints. A bad bite may also cause bone loss around the teeth and nerve damage inside the nerve of the teeth. Often the damage is not repairable without a dental specialist preforming major procedures. Sometimes a Periodontist improves the bone loss with periodontal surgery. The nerve damage may cause great pain that will only be relieved with root canal therapy. This procedure may also need to be preformed by an Endodontist.

The first step to the new you in the New Year are to preserve the teeth you have and make sure they stay in good shape. At your next dental cleaning appointment make sure you are aware of any dental problems. Most times if your teeth look good they are functioning well.

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