8 Interesting Facts about Dental Phobia

8 Interesting Dental Phobia Facts

Dental phobia is referred to as the fear of getting diagnosed with dental problems and receiving dental care treatments. This includes the fear of all minor and major dental issues and consequent dental procedures. Whilst dental phobia is not a much talked about or explored field of subject – the stats of dental phobia is modern people are much higher in comparison to the past times. Every 3 out of 6 people are recorded to fear dental care and treatment procedures in the United States which means that approximately 64 percent of the total American population fear dental procedures.

In this article we list some of the top highlight dental phobia facts that are worth knowing about.

Fact # 1

As mentioned above, every 3 out of 6 people in the United States of American are dealing with dental phobia. The stats are equally high in other parts of the world. In Asia, every 4 out of 7 people have dental phobia whilst in European part of the globe, the stats rank on a ratio 3 out of 8.

Fact # 2

There are many instances when dental phobia is replaced by the term of dental anxiety. People often have the pre-conceived notion that both are different terms with different meanings and interpretations. The true fact is that both mean the same thing.

Fact # 3

Most people suffer from dental phobia only after they have made the dentist’s appointment or when the day of visit approaches to be nearer.

Fact # 4

Dental phobia often leads people to be negligent with the way they consume their dental medication. Most people become very apprehensive and skip dosages, assuming that the dentist has prescribed an over-dose. They doubt the dentist’s experience and knowledge.

Fact # 5

Women are prone to anxiety, stress and depression 3 times more than men and this is a world known fact. What is not much known is that women also have increasing chances to develop dental phobia – more so than men. Every 2 out of 4 women have dental phobia whilst the stats in men are only 1 out of 6.

Fact # 6

Dental phobia is not listed in the list of naturally occurring phobias experienced by people. It does not fall under the same category as claustrophobia, fear of water or the fear or heights. Dental phobia is thoroughly man-made and developed much later after you are born. Hence, it is can be overcome very easily too by following some tips and strategies.

Fact # 7

Amongst all other treatments and procedures – the two dental treatment procedures that are most feared include getting anesthetic injections in your gums with a zero size needle and the second is getting a dental drill that is to reduce your tooth size to minimal.

Fact # 8

There has been scientific research carried out to explore treatment options for dental phobias. Hypnosis and relaxation therapies are thought to be helpful methods for treatment.

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