Tips to Brush Your Teeth the Right Way

It’s a seemingly menial task you’ve been doing for years. But are you practicing the right techniques?

Recently, there are numerous restorative and cosmetic dental techniques introduced in the market to promote a lovelier, healthier smile. However, nothing comes close to brushing one’s teeth. Once you do it right, you do not have to worry about getting restorative or cosmetic dental treatments just to keep your prettiest smile. So, how should you brush your teeth?

Majority of people think it’s easy because it’s common and already a habit since childhood. But, little did they know that brushing teeth improperly can do more harm than good. So, here are some of the tips to brush your teeth the right way:

  • Never Over Brush

Over-brushing isn’t about the number of times you brush every day. There are people who’d be concerned about brushing too much if they brushed their teeth after each meal. Therefore, if they eat more than 3 times each day, this would mean brushing teeth more than 3 times daily, yet that doesn’t constitute over-brushing. According to studies, it shows that eighty percent of people do over brushing. It’s directly related to the way you’re brushing your teeth. Usually, people brush teeth until it feels squeaky clean and smooth. It’s like scrubbing dirt from bathroom tiles.

  • Consider Using a Good Toothbrush

Even if it’ll be hard to see with your naked eye, it’s best to use toothbrush with the rounded bristles. It means that such brushes are safer to use and won’t scrape away essential parts of teeth including dentin and enamel. Since you can’t see such bristles just by looking at them when shopping for grocery, it’s highly recommended that you throw this away before it becomes unsafe and wears out.

  • Massage and Don’t Scrub

Brushing teeth must be like a massage to protect the enamel and dentin of your teeth. Going back and forth is scrubbing and this could be dangerous to your teeth. Like massage, you must brush your teeth in circular manner with down and up strokes towards your gum line.

  • Get Your Angle

It’s best to position your toothbrush at forty-five degree to be able to reach gum line. Typically, majority of people are focused on brushing teeth and forget their gums.

  • Numbers Matter

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice daily for 2 minutes. On average, seventy percent of Americans brush teeth twice daily, one before sleeping and one in the morning. Staying for too long in your bathroom while brushing your teeth means you’re also adding minutes on damaging teeth.

  • Timing

Brushing teeth properly means proper timing. It means that you have to wait for at least fifteen minutes after a meal for brushing your teeth. The goal is letting your saliva work its way to get rid of the acid from the mouth.

Brushing your teeth is considered as the most fundamental and basic means of caring for your oral health. Never wait until you experience tooth decay or bleeding gums before you begin caring for your teeth.

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