6 Qualities of a Great Dental Hygienist

6 Qualities of a Great Dental Hygienist

In the office of dentists, dental hygienists are probably the ones that patients will interact with most. Moe than just their technical position, the role of a dental hygienist is crucial to the success of the dental practice.

What Should You Know about Dental Hygienists?

These professionals work closely with the dentist to provide oral health advice and patient care. In most dental offices, dental hygienists perform teeth cleanings, patient screenings, and flossing. Through the pre-exams, a hygienist allows the dentist know what to look out during your consultation. They will also help the dentist with the sealants, fillings, performing some procedures, and taking X-rays. Avoiding gum diseases and tooth loss is essential not just to your dental health, but also to your overall health condition.

Below are the qualities of the best dental hygienists:

People and Communication Skills

It takes a one of a kind personality to put the patients at ease and to advise them about their oral health in a professional manner. Not all have the balance of authority, calmness, humor, and general likability, which makes dental hygienist great. Somebody in this role must be able to answer both detailed and simple questions calmly and clearly.

Dental Science Education

The obvious starting point is proper qualifications. Regulations about the roles of dental hygienist vary from one state to another. But, ADA needs all dental hygienists to be graduated from a technical or community college, university or dental school. Dental hygienists should pass state and national licensure exams and approved radiology courses. Then, they’ll be licensed to administer general and local sealants and anesthesia.

Love for Work

Oftentimes, dental workers are portrayed in television shows or movies being hyper-enthusiastic regarding their jobs. As a matter of fact, it’s exactly the kind of individual you like. Oral hygiene isn’t the favorite task of everybody, so getting advices from somebody who cares may go a long way. Dental hygienists who are passionate about the benefits and importance of proper dental care might be a great role model to the patients.


Anybody in dental hygienist position should be patient and compassionate with people who are in pain or afraid. As part of the best practices for perfect oral health, dental hygienists are explaining the right procedures for maintaining nutrition, flossing, and tooth brushing. They give the same explanations and answer questions again and again.

Gentle Touch and Steady Hand

Within the small workspace of human mouth, there isn’t a lot of room for errors. Even the slightest contact with the sensitive tooth may cause real pain for the patients. A slip or heavy hand during scraping or flossing isn’t something that patients will forget soon. Therefore, it is important that dental hygienists work expertly and gently within the small space.

Attention to Detail

Good dental hygienists have to multitask throughout the day. Tooth flossing, brushing, as well as scraping plaques should be done meticulously. They’re working on your teeth while looking for some symptoms, red flags or conditions. It takes a good deal of attention to detail and care to this kind of job properly.

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