Here Are The 6 Best New Year Resolutions For A Healthier Mouth

Here Are The 6 Best New Year Resolutions For A Healthier Mouth

In the last week of December, almost everyone makes new year resolutions, to start the new year with a new approach. Maybe you decided to quit all the bad habits, or start a new chapter in your life or embrace positivity or even learn something new. But have you ever made a resolution about your oral health?

Oral health is the gateway to complete health of your body. if you take care of your oral health then you will also take care of your inner health. Your smile depicts your personality and if your smile is not sparkling and shining then you will lose your confidence and beauty. Here are some of the best new year resolutions that you can commit to for a healthier mouth.

1. Proper and Thorough Brushing

All of you brush twice a day but do you brush properly? Proper brushing done for at least 2 minutes. You can use a stopwatch as a timer to develop the 2-minute habit. Do not brush roughly as hard strokes will wear out your enamel, but you should brush using soft but firm strokes and brush the inside and outside of your teeth and also on the tongue for a fresher breath. Also, you can use fluoride free toothpaste for a cleaner and whiter smile and teeth.

2. Flossing

Another resolution that you need to make is of flossing. You should floss your teeth daily twice in morning and at night so that you clean the debris and food particles from your teeth. Flossing is equally important as brushing. Flossing reduces the buildup of plaque from your teeth and also avoids many dental illnesses. Remember to keep a flossing container beside your toothbrush and also you can keep one in your purse.

3. Quit Bad Habits

Quit all the bad habits which destroy your smile such as excessive caffeine or tea, smoking, and alcohol. All these things blacken your teeth and cause many dental problems and illnesses and also cause bad breath in your mouth and yellowing of teeth.

4. Chewing

Make a resolution of chewing sugar-free mint gum after every meal as this will reducer plaque and also whiten your smile, improve your jaw muscles and will remove all the food particles stuck in between your teeth.

5. Cut Down On Sugar

Make a resolution of reducing the intake of sugar and stick to it. Sugar destroys the enamel of your teeth and also causes tooth decay so you will need to cut down on all sugary food in 2018 for your oral healthcare. This will greatly improve your teeth and will also reduce the chances of tooth decay.

6. Visit Your Dentist

To keep a check on your dental care you will need to visit your dentist regularly and get your mouth and teeth checked so that you will know how are your teeth doing. In fact, you should make an appointment with your dentist for 1st January and so that you start the year 2018 with complete dental care.

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