5 Toothbrush Care Tips

5 Toothbrush Care Tips Revitalizing Smiles

Just like how we make sure to take great care of our teeth, we need to ensure that we take excellent care of our toothbrushes as well. Being mindful of how you are using and maintaining your brush can maximize how well it performs. 

It is critical that our toothbrushes stay in a good, hygienic condition, to keep our mouth and teeth as healthy as can be!  

1. Rinse it

It is essential that you rinse off your toothbrush after every use to remove any remaining bacteria, saliva, and toothpaste. Toothpaste can embed itself deep into the brush bristles, therefore, the bristles must be thoroughly cleaned. Do so, by placing your brush under warm, running water. 

2. Store it upright (Keep it Dry)– 

Helps the toothbrush to dry, eliminating any remaining moisture. Moisture is what enables bacteria to thrive on the brush. Cleaning and drying off the handle also helps to eliminate any bacteria that may build from water sliding down the brush. 

3. Replace the brush (Manual) + Brush head (Electric)-

Bristles on manual and electric toothbrushes will become frayed and bent over time. In turn, making them less successful at removing plaque. The American Dental Association recommends changing your brush or brush head every three months to prevent bacteria build-up in the bristles. Have you been sick recently? It is essential to remember to change your brush after you have been ill. Germs left on the bristles can lead to possible reinfection. 

4. Pressure-

Loosen up that pressure! Applying too much pressure while brushing can damage your enamel, which helps to protect your teeth against decay. Unnecessarily rough pressure can also lead to a frayed brush, which will limit the brush’s three-month shelf life. Get the most out of your brush and lighten up that pressure!

5. Wash your hands-

Stop and put that brush down! Before you do anything make sure your hands are freshly washed and cleansed with antibacterial soap. Germs you touch throughout the day can be transferred from your hands to your mouth. In turn, passing bacteria and possibly making you ill. 

While focusing on the care of their teeth, many forget to care for their brushes as well. Following these 5 tips is key to ensure exceptional oral health. 

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