5 Easy Ways To Soothe Teeth Sensitivity

5 Easy Ways To Soothe Teeth Sensitivity

Oral health is the considered as the window to the well-being and overall health of a person and among that teeth sensitivity is a primary concern that may range from discomfort to extreme pain so ensure that you’re taking care of that properly. Once you are experiencing sensitive teeth, there is pain lurking around each corner. But, why does this happen?

Tooth sensitivity that is caused by extreme temperature is often due to exposed root surface. Below the teeth’s outer protective coating is a place known as dentin that contains microscopic canals that are referred to as tubules. When dentin loses the protective covering, tubules enable cold and heat or sticky or acidic foods to stimulate the cells and nerves inside the tooth. However, there are simple ways to treat this common problem.

Pick a Toothbrush That’s Soft-Bristled

Since you like to keep the teeth’s protective layer as strong as possible, this makes sense that you should not go about cleaning them with same vigor that you’d scrub a dirty pot. Toothbrush that has soft bristles is recommended to clean your mouth without damaging the gums or teeth. Look for CDA seal of approval or some recommended oral health care products.

Use the Toothpaste Created for Sensitive Teeth

Everyone has seen some commercials, which end with those who are biting into the ice cream cone, so it is great to hear from professionals that such products do work. Desensitizing toothpaste comes with compounds that block the sensation’s transmissions from the surface of the tooth to the nerve. Yet, experts do caution that all products are worth the money. Search for the toothpastes that display the seal of CDA and you can guarantee that your assurance that the products have met the criteria of CDA for effectiveness and criteria.

Search for the Dental Products That Contain Fluoride

While this might sound like a marketing strategy, fluoride can be a crucial part of one’s dental routine and it’s a real deal. Fluoride may help strengthen or remineralize. Tooth surface is demineralized by the bacterial acids. Therefore, upgrade your toothpaste and mouthwash if you aren’t using products that have fluoride.

Practice the Best Oral Care

Floss and brush daily and make regular trip to your dentist. This could be simple, yet it is the best way of keeping your teeth in good shape. Good oral hygiene is a key to prevent gums from causing and receding pain due to sensitive tooth.

Reduce Acidic Foods and Drinks

Altering your diet, especially where the acidic items are concerned will keep you from wincing in the pain each time you eat. Acidic drinks and foods can contribute to tooth sensitivity and tooth erosion.

If you think you are doing a good job in taking care of your oral health and still cannot enjoy biting into crisp, cold apple, go to your dentist as he or she can assess your oral hygiene routine and would help you determine the right way to reduce the sensitivity.

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