4 Tips to Cut Down on Sugar

Avoiding Sugar Revitalizing Smiles

Sugar is everywhere. Sometimes we know it and sometimes we wouldn’t expect it. Even condiments like ketchup, mustard, and BBQ sauce contain as much as 40% sugar! And while we all know it’s bad for our teeth, sugar-related issues continue to be one of the leading causes of poor dental health. Cutting down on sugar can do wonders for your teeth. Now that Halloween is coming up, it’s important to understand the role sugar plays in your mouth and tips for how you can cut down on sugar.

What Happens To Your Teeth When You Eat Sugar?

Your mouth naturally contains microbes, which are microorganisms that can breed bacteria. When you consume sugar, the harmful bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and can convert it to lactic acid. Although your enamel is one of the strongest compounds in your body, it is not indestructible. Once converted to lactic acid, it can cause damage to your enamel and dentin layers of the tooth. This damage to your teeth can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other dental health problems.

The Miracle Chemical: Fluoride

Fluoride is an inorganic chemical that can be found naturally in rocks, water, and soils. Many dentists apply fluoride to your teeth during visits or cleanings. The chemical contains fluorapatite, a compound that adds a protective layer to your tooth, reducing decay and strengthening your teeth. Many toothpastes and water supplies actually contain fluoride, so next time you’re looking for a new toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride to help protect your teeth.

Dental Hygiene and Sugar | Revitalizing Smiles

Revitalizing Smiles Tips On How to Cut Down On Sugar

Cutting down on sugar is not easy. As we explained, sugar is in everything! But what you can do is be more mindful of what you are putting into your body, and into your mouth. As many as 92% of Americans have had cavities related to sugars. Let’s lower this statistic!

1. Know the other names sugar goes by

There are many hidden sugars in the foods we consume daily. Knowing the names of these sugars is the first step in cutting down on them. Check labels for “glucose, fructose, maltose, molasses, hydrolysed starch, and corn syrup. 

2. Know the recommended intake

It is recommended that sugar does not make up more than 5% of our daily intake. This is about 7 teaspoons. Most people double this amount. As you can see, it’s extremely important to check food and beverage labels to avoid consuming too much sugar.

3. Know the dangers of fat-free

Fat-free has a positive connotation in the market. Many believe that fat-free is healthier and so they buy fat-free products and incorporate them into their diets. However, that’s not the truth. Fat-free products generally contain added sugars to make up for the fat. 

4. Know the benefits of fresh

Carbohydrates, fruits, and processed foods contain high amounts of sugar. When it comes to your teeth, make sure you’re consuming fresh, whole foods. Try replacing your afternoon snack with raw veggies. Fruits that are low in sugar include blackberries and applies.

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